Nikodimos Gkonos, the young son of a Kastoria region judge, decides not to follow law studies and to dedicate himself to learning all the technics and the dexterity of highly-skilled artisans from famous fur ateliers.


Nikodimos opens NIKODIMOS FURS, his own fur creation atelier and fur supplier company in Kastoria Greece. He starts designing a line of edgy fashion fur coats combining different pieces of furs, opening a new niche for fur creations industry.


Nikodimos leaves Greece and decides to open his own fur atelier and fur supplier business in Northern Germany (Hamburg region) and soon becomes one of the most important fur traders and couture fur items providers in Germany. His visionary knowhow is respected all over the world, NIKODIMOS FURS becoming one of the few fur coats producers and designers companies that accomplish the art of using and manufacturing rare fur materials.


The Gkonos family enlarges its sphere of influence back in Greece and becomes the most important fur supplier for Kastoria region (raw material – fur pieces patchworks). Spain Royal family members and Queen Sofía of Spain become Nikodimos Gnokos’ clients.


NIKODIMOS FURS headquarters are moved to Spain (Madrid), with a chain of fur boutiques opened in Las Palmas and Tenerife.
The whole Gkonos family (sons & father) works together developing the family business and its main services, expertise and directions:

  • World best fur raw material acquisition, selection and manufacturing
  • Headhunting and team integrating of the world best designers, visionaries of the fashion creative avant-garde that set each season trends, develop and update new fur technics and combine fur materials with high-end fashion fabrics: wool, cashmere, silk, lace, velvet.
  • Conquering new markets: Easter Europe, Middle East, Russia

Georgios Gkonos and his Romanian friend decide to lead forward Gkonos family knowhow and talent and to create a fur brand to be shared and transmitted to their 6 daughters and sons with pride, continuing the rich heritage and legacy passed on from one generation to the next.


The Païsi brand is created, the passion, incredible vision and determination of Nikodimos enthusiastically seized by a new generation, continuing the innovative traditions started more than 70 years ago.