Taking care of your furt coat

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When you are the lucky owner of a fur coat, you want to keep it forever, right? So, you must know: without proper maintenance, you may have to replace your fur coat within a couple of years. We know that a woman in love with her fur coat, like you, wants to preserve the quality of her elegant item. Moreover, we are about to show you how. When winter comes…and you wear your fur coat, jacket, or cape, you may choose to hang it in the closet. Our advice: Keep the coat on a wide hanger in a closet, with enough space for the coat to hang freely. Avoid storing your fur coat in humid or heated spaces. Humidity may cause fur to rot, and direct exposure to heat over time dries out the oils in the coat, potentially leaving the fur brittle.

Be aware! Sunlight and compression can damage or discolor the hairs. If it gets wet, simply hang the coat in an open space (not touching anything) and allow it to dry.

The fur jewel from your closet

In the closet, your coat should always be hung on a broad, sturdy padded hanger to keep the shoulders from losing their shape. The neck of the hanger should be long enough to keep the collar of the coat away from the hanging rod. Follow these tips to keep your fur coat pristine so you can enjoy it for as long as possible. Remember: A well-treated fur can last for a lifetime. Now, enjoy the rest of the cold season!

You might wish to store your fur coat professionally Our Fur Spa holds a special storage in refrigerated cabinets that create the cool and dry atmosphere the furs need during the hot season (from April to September), away from humidity, vermin and insects, U.V. light exposure and …thieves. Price: 29 € (for 1 item/whole warm season, from April to September).

Now that you know how to take care of it, get to know our F/W 2018-2019 Obsidian Collection and choose your timeless pieces for this season