In an enchanted, but oh, so true world, in a splendid land, into an unforgettable time, there lies the incredible story of all, with urban nymphs draped in the essence of elegance and chic, millennial goddesses inspiring the world, superb muses redefining the greatest emotion of all: LOVE.

Capturing the essence of romance, flirt, passion, innocence, dripping in state-of-the art furs, edgy designs, cashmere & silk flair, stepping into the serene and refined world of LOVE STORIES Collection, is a wondrous trip.

Echoing the seductive protection of an unforgettable embrace, the silky touch of a delicate hand, the enchanting intensity of a magical look, these are fur coats, capes and vests to be cherished ever after. These are the true designs of Love Stories and all its legendary moments: #truelove, #magiclove, #epiclove, #firstlove.

Live the Love and #tellyourstory.