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The Passion, the New and the Tradition in a beautiful, perpetual evolution.

Païsi brand story begins seven decades ago, in the traditional fur ateliers of Gkonos family in Kastoria, Greece.

The beginning of the 40’s, Nikodimos Gkonos, a young teenager, son of Kastoria judge, with a lot of charm and visionary dreams decided to dedicate himself to fur craftsmanship. He passionately exercises the dexterity of highly-skilled artisans in Kastoria, beginning a journey that inspired all over the years his family, friends, business partners and clients.

A few years later, after WWII, Nikodimos leaves Greece and opens the first couture fur atelier and company in Northern Germany, becoming one of the most important fur suppliers (fur pieces patchworks, and very rare fur materials) in Europe.

His vision, business and design skills recommended its products to Europe’s elite, from Spain aristocracy to French, Italian and Eastern Europe bourgeoisie. The mid 50’s he starts designing a line of edgy fashion fur coats combining different pieces of rare and high quality fur materials, new niches for fur creations industry and revolutionizing the fur design.

He becomes worldwide known for its business vision, distinctively split in two main directions, both of them dedicated to XXth century femininity- graceful, special, courageous, always chic:

  • commitment to elite clientele enchanted by edgy collections, exquisite cuts and avant-gardist, precious lines
  • “fur midcentury revolution” – introducing “middleclass fur collections creative manifesto”: accessible refined fur couture

Mid 70’s, Nikodimos Gkonos becomes one of the largest fur suppliers in Europe and innovates this field by defining independent ateliers as “creative hubs”. He proposes annual collections based on fur as main fabric. His ateliers designers combine and reinvent fur in versatile, different styles and cuts, an avant-garde idea in the Europe of the time, where fur fashion was still an exclusively hand-crafted activity.  

He dreamt and made his dream came true about essential, clean cuts, clear lines and beautiful creative fur designs and he transmitted all his ideals to his 3 sons.

The new millennium, Nikodimos with his son Jorgos, decides to continue the story of an incredible man and its family fabulous vision and passion, creating Païsi, a brand which emotion of a century of fur art to be shared and transmitted to his children with pride, continuing the rich heritage and legacy passed on from one generation to the next.

It’s all about love, talent, family and beauty values.

Païsi. Style that never fades.