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Welcome to "The Furs and the City!"

Superb creative cuts, surprising materials combinations, latest trends edgy design, effortlessly wearable, fascinating colors, luxury raw materials, incredible prices.

This is the new revolution!
This is 2.0 FUR POWER.
13/14 “Furs and the City” collection
from Païsi.

Païsi 13/14 F/W fur collection changes mentalities, forces new fashion senses and provokes the fashionistas cohorts to be brave, free and to reinvent their wardrobes.

“Furs and the City” collection designs the world of a modern, independent, cosmopolite and timeless chic femininity who’s always fascinated by the newest international fashion trends. She is not afraid to experiment, to reinvent herself, to mix match and recreate superb effortless chic outfits. She knows and dominates the real power of a trendy fur coat and nonchalantly wears it during urban day adventures or into the glamorous night.

Païsi. Style that never fades.