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Chic shopping experience. Affordable luxury. Made-by-measure couture expertise.

A Païsi shopping experience tells a friendly and special story in a space with easy, warm light and charming hosts, an atelier-store where Paisi furriers experts recommend and create made-by-measure pieces for trendy outfits and urban inspirational divas.

A visit in our atelier-shopping space is a fashion adventure, full of versatile experiments that encourages and celebrates elegant, edgy or cool femininity.

Païsi Atelier is a cosmopolite urban spot where our clients are welcome to experiment fashion fur outfits sharing their latest news, stories. It’s a « fur culture » and urban conceptual space, host of a collection of chic, elegant and cool Bucharest events.

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Our designers and fur-artists have always asserted the great importance of fur couture heritage, history, experienced knowhow and irrefutable excellence in quality. Every stage of the Païsi furs creative process from the sketches to the final fitting is designed and tailored in one of few in-house fur couture ateliers in Europe (across Spain and Greece), with a history of more than 70 years.

A team of experts trained in the classic techniques of furs couture, yet with the touch of the latest international fashion trends controls each design and ensures creativity of the cuts, perfection of the fabrics and refinement in the details.