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Timeless fashion, effortless and true elegance

The essence of Païsi signature style lies in a long heritage of manufacturing and creating fashion fur collections and our designer’s ability to find inspiration in the millennial artistic world (street fashion, cinema, music, architecture, painting, design, colors).

Our design philosophy lies in this interesting, unique mix that creatively translates Païsi vision into a modern, dynamic and yet timeless fashion that radiates true elegance.

“Irresistible Collection” f/w 1617 has been created inspired by new millennium femininity and its beautiful dynamic lifestyle, love stories and fashion sense. It is a collection that covers the aspirations of an elegant, classy and gracious silhouette that charmingly mixes a Païsi fur with high-end fashion pieces, statement jewelry and accessories. In the same time she is not afraid of nonchalantly wear sport shoes with a hip dress, a casual cardigan and colorful, edgy cut Païsi fur vest.