With it's heritage Paisi collections seeks to bridge high end design and best quality material by offering women modern glam in a way that feels young and fresh. 

Modern women have endless options for expressing their individuality with their Paisi fur choices.Our garments are real work of art, the creation of which takes hundreds of hours. With this collection, our designers are pushing creative boundaries, redefining fur's place in fashion.

Looking for their inspiration, our designers have discovered the incredible colors of the Obsidian crystals. Some say that the volcanic crystals are attracting lasting love, serenity and beauty. Obsidian crystal stones shines a light helping us to choose the path leading towards light and love. It is the language of the soul that keeps burning bright. Inspired by the intense, mysteriose vibes of the Obsidian crystals our designers have brought special colours and cuts for 18/19 Paisi mink collection.

With every Paisi collection, we show that fur is special but not pretentious is feminine and mysterious

We love the craft and respect the natural beauty of the material. 

We continue to surprise and provoque with great collections. Paisi unique garments.