Paisi celebrates the 50th anniversary of Blackglama label 

BLACKGLAMA is the finest and most luxurious mink on the market today because their producers are experts in their field. The knowledge and experience of BLACKGLAMA producers are unparalleled in the business; their expertise is a result of decades of honing their skills to produce a superior, distinguished product.

The BLACKGLAMA label is awarded only to the top North American black mink. This rare type of mink – with its naturally short, velvet-like guard hair and rich colour, has come to define the ultimate luxury. 

Each BL pelt is hand selected and inspected by experienced graders.To qualify, as a BL pelt must be free of any imperfection on both the fur and the leather. 

With such high criteria less, than 2%of the world's mink earns exclusive BL name and can bear the coveted BL label. Blackglama garments carry a label displaying a unique serial number, providing permanent identification, as well as other security features that ensure that the label is genuine—not an imitation.

Paisi proudly sells Blackglama under our 18/19 collection. Our garments are real work of art, the creation of which takes hundreds of hours.

Paisi. Style that never fades